More About Us

A Brief Window on our World...

Our simple vision for Edinburgh Deluxe flowed from our passion for warm and authentic Scottish hospitality. Couple this with cherished memories of many and varied experiences enjoying holiday havens the world over. Finally, add our love of the marvel that is Scotland's ancient capital and the stage was set for an irresistible place for you to call home whilst in Edinburgh.

So enticing was this recipe that we turned our backs on successful corporate and professional careers, to return to Edinburgh and to devote everything to realising it.

Nowadays our efforts are intensely focused on our two delightful properties and that's how it will remain. We have no ambition to grow an empire, for down that road lies unwieldiness and a loss of control - instead our sights are trained on protecting and raising standards, and on keeping our hands firmly on the controls. And the beneficiary will be you.

We've welcomed hundreds of travellers, from Vancouver to Auckland and from Reykjavik to Cape Town, many of whom have returned again-and-again and become firm friends. Every step of the way the active engagement of so many interesting people has reaffirmed our approach as the right one, and their diverse perspectives have often steered our efforts to finesse things still further.

The game-changer is being on the doorstep. Whilst you'll be left completely alone, what's priceless is the knowledge that we're close by and can step in at a moment's notice if you need us. Added to this, the fact that we live full and outgoing lives as well-connected Edinburgh locals means we can add value by sharing our experiences where you'd find that helpful.

Away from our guests and our apartments we love to roam - not only far afield but also to the paradise-on-our-doorstep that is highland Scotland to the north of us, and to its extraordinary Atlantic western isles. We have an abiding passion for interesting cars too: many of our best days being spent whistling unhindered along deserted highland roads, amidst landscapes which are quite simply other-worldly.

That's a brief window on our world - it would be our pleasure to welcome you in, and meantime if anything has piqued your interest please reach out by phone, email, or via our Contact Form and we'll be waiting. We're at your service...